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SG Records / 2017
Second time, I was working for Italian guitar maestro Tommy Vitaly (who also appeared on my SYNDICATE album, by the way). While heís being heavily influenced by all the neo classical shredders, his music is more of a true Metal blend somewhere between HELLOWEEN, IRON MAIDEN and MANOWAR, which makes his records definitely unique. So, if you want to hear my best Dickinson impressions, you got it! Thanx again for asking me again, Tommy! Itís been a pleasure.  Also featuring this time eg. Fabio Leone (RHAPSODY) and Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND).
01. Indivisible
02. The Lodge
03. Duel
04. Macabradanza
05. Forever Lost (acoustic)
06. Wings of Doom
07. Coraline
08. La Bestia
09. Sinner
10. Joan of Arc
Tommy Vitaly : guitars and keyboards
Andrea Tower Torricini : bass
Alessandro Bissa : drums

Gabriels: keyboards

Fabio Lione: vox
Roberto Tiranti: vox
Alessio Gori: vox
Apollo Papathanasio: vox
Lizard: vox
Henrik Aalborg Brockmann: vox
Gianbattista Jan Manenti: vox
Chiara Manese: vox