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Avenue Of Allies / 2014
Soon after I did the FROZEN RAIN's "Ahead Of Time" album, guitarist Rik Priem asked me to also sing his first solo output. To be honest, I was hesitating a bit at first, as it looked quite odd to be in the same band and also do the solo stuff for Rik, but when I heard the first tunes, which we're nothing near FROZEN RAIN's AOR sound, I knew, I'd do it.

Rik is one hell of a guitarist. His unique, high tech style can hardly be compared with any other guitarist around. Well trained, fast, but yet melodic, with some rather unusual twists and scales here and there makes his play stunningly interesting. The album to me is more of a Prog Metal record, and I really enjoyed writing some catchy hooklines over his unique song ideas.

Additionally, I got in my long term friend Ramy Ali (FREEDOM CALL / IRON MASK) to lay down some equally fascinating drum paths for the songs.
01. Sunset Over Agartha
02. Babylon Rising
03. The Future Is Now
04. Hungry At Heart
05. Blindfolded
06. Chameleon
07. Flirting With An Alien
08. Kneel Before The Pieces (Of A Broken Heart)
09. In With The Freaks
10. Looks Like Trouble
11. Run Angel Run
12. Bloodrush
13. Child Of Anger
14. Road Trip (bonus track)
15. Kneel Before The Pieces (Of A Broken Heart) (acoustic version / bonus track)
Rik Priem - guitars
Lizard - vox
Geert Margodt - keys
Vincent De Laat - bass
Ramy Ali - drums
Produced & engineered by Steffen Seeger
Mixed & mastered by Rolf Munkes
Executive producer: Gregor Klee