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Wormhole Death / 2023
From all the ensemble type albums, I had the fortune to take part in over the years, no one comes even close to the scale and scope of MAX ENIX' gargantuan album. Featuring a real, full orchestra and a line up of musicians, which is nothing but stellar! Simply being a part of this, is an honour in and of itself.

01 The End of An Era
02 Tears of Earth
03 City of Mortals
04 Prayer of the Gods
05 In this Forgotten Paradise
06 An Illusional Kiss
07 The Dark and Bright Tunnel
08 The Forsaken Ocean

09 Childhood Emotions
10 The Broken Face
11 Beyond my Blood
12 Mirrors of Time
13 Angels of the Apocalyptic Storm
14 Far From Home
Max Enix: Music, Vocals, Artistic director, Lyrics/story...

Thomas Kubler: Additional arrangements, Orchestrator
François Rousselot: Conductor

Leo Margarit: Drums
Vikram Shankar: Piano/Keyboards
Jean-Jacques Moréac: Bass
Xavier Boscher: Guitars
Elise Wachbar: Vocals

Vocal and Instrumental Guests:
Andy Kuntz: Vocals
Tom Englund: Vocals
Devon Graves: Vocals
Fabio Lione: Vocals
David Readman: Vocals
Marcela Bovio: Vocals
Farhad (Zink) Hossain: Vocals
Mahdi MK Khemakhem: Vocals
Laurent Lunoir: Vocals
David Fremberg: Vocals
Michael Herrington: Vocals
Kobi Farhi: Vocals
Damian Wilson: Vocals
Toby Driver: Vocals
Jon Pyres: Vocals
Lizard: Vocals
Angèle Macabiès: Vocals
Johanna Red: Vocals
Mody Ptd: Vocals
Heather Findlay: Vocals
Niklas Kvarforth: Vocals
Dan Swano: Vocals
Benjamin Guerry: Vocals/Guitars
Stéphan Forté: Vocals
Derek Sherinian: Piano
Mattias Ekhlund: Guitars
Michael Romeo: Guitars
Per Nilsson: Guitars
Saout Mael/Shad Mae: Guitars
Timo Somers: Guitars
Laurene TelennAria: Vocals + Harp
Luciana Lys: Vocals
Sébastien Dubail: Guitars
Valou Besson Nix, Agathe Mouchy Capone, Michael and Valentin: Strange vocal sounds/effects
Produced by Max Enix