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Alster Records / 2019
Every once in a while, I come across a really unpolished gem. A musician, who’s completely unaware of how brilliant his songs and song ideas are – Marc is such a gem. A few years back, he asked me to sing on his debut EP, and back then I was blown away, by how great his melodies and songs are. Told him back then, if he ever gets to do a proper full length album, to please contact me again. I offered help in every possible way, and here we are now. “Music For The Working Class” is a wonderful singer/songwriter style album with brilliant hooks, thoughtful lyrics and a line up you could only dream of! See below! So proud of you, Marc.

Order here: http://marcjuers.jimdo.com
01. Breakin’ Free (A Friday Night)
02. River Of Blood
03. Gun And A Bullet
04. Born Free
05. Minersville
06. The Other Side
07. Middle Of The Night
08. Stay
09. Huntington Beach
10. The Dance
11. Stay (different version)
Marc Juers, Rob Lamothe, Dennis Churchill Dries, Hannes Kelch, James Christian, David Reece, Lizard

Marc Juers, Ferdy Doernberg, Ben Tiedemann, Fabian Hink, Volker Duddeck, Jochen Ross, Tim Pierce, Marcus Schneider

Tobias Griebel

Ferdy Doernberg, David Merz

Markus Kullmann
Produced by Lizard, Steffen Seeger & Marc Juers
Mixed by Rolf Munkes