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self produced/self distributed CD Baby / 2017
Sometimes life takes on strange turns. After my dear buddy IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY passed away, I decided to carry on his heritage by still running his Facebook page. Every once in a while some of his old students check by and send over kind words of appreciation or condolences. One of these was US guitarist LOU DIBELLO. Long story short, I ended up working with this brilliant, classic US Hard Rock guitarist, which Im sure, would make old Iain proud as hell! If youre into guitar classics, like Nugent, Montrose or Schenker, search no more! Also on board former MANOWAR axeslinger Ross The Boss and SYMPHONY X bass God Mike LePond!

Order from Lous webpage directly @ www.loudibello.com

01. Heat Wave
02. Let Me Hear You Scream
03. Blood On The Cross
04. The Meeting
05. Full Throttle
06. Drop Deadly
07. When All Is Lost
08. Into The Arena
Lou DiBello guitars/bass
Lizard vox
Bobby Whiles drums
Tim Rixstine- keys
Mike LePond bass
Ross The Boss guitar solo
Mixed by Rolf Munkes