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Frontiers / 2015
Long story short: A little while ago, I was sending a few songs, which I had left, over to Mat Sinner. Mat called me back, asking, if he could use some of them for a new project, he was working on featuring the mighty Sir Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X) on vocals. I was freaking out! Being a huge fan of the man, I felt honoured as f''k. A couple months passed, and out of the blue Mat sent the three tracks ("Last Man On Earth", "The Soul Is Eternal" and "Voice Of The Wilderness" - for the latter he even kept some of my backing vocals!), he had chosen, which not only featured Master Allen's mighty throat and balls, but simply a sensational line up, with the amazing Roland Grapow (ex-HELLOWEEN / MASTERPLAN) on guitars. What can I say? Listening to one of the world's best Metal singers interpreting my lines feels undescribable!

What a start for 2015!
01. Cry No More
02. Soul Of A Warrior
03. When The Nighttime Comes
04. One Way Street
05. Blasphemy
06. Last Man On Earth
07. In For The Kill
08. Voice Of The Wilderness
09. All Hope Is Gone
10. Demonized
11. The Soul Is Eternal
12. Forevermore
Russell Allen: vocals
Mat Sinner: bass
Roland Grapow - guitars
Alex Beyrodt - guitars
Randy Black - drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keys

Lizard - backing vocals
Produced by Mat Sinner