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Pride & Joy - 2024
When Markus and I got back together after twenty odd year to record, what would ultimately become the first LAZARUS DREAM album "Alive" back in 2020, I never would have believed, we'd ever do a follow up, let alone a third one! But now, we're here: "Imaginary Life" is the third LD album, and by far the most mature, melodic and consistent in my opinion. Actually, I'd say, we found our footing. Although it again features different influences from AOR to Metal, from Prog to Hard Rock, it can be seem as one entity. The two of us know exactly, what to expect from each other and what the other one is expecting. It is a very satisfying und fullfilling relationship, and I really do hope, it's going to last many more years, of course.

01. The Sweetest Chaos
02. Vulture's Cry
03. Rebel Again
04. My Imaginary Life
05. Beauty Among The Ruins
06. Disaster Love
07. Vertigo
08. My Prayer
09. Drink My Blood
10. Empire Of Thorns
11. Colours Of The Moon (Bonus)

Markus Pfeffer: guitars, bass, keys
Markus Herzog: drums
Lizard: vox

Thomas Rieder: percussion
Stephan Lill: solo guitar

Produced & Mixed by Markus Pfeffer
Mastered by Rolf Munkes