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Pride & Joy / 2020
More than twenty years ago, back in 1999, German guitarist Markus Pfeffer and myself started this project and even recorded a couple of demos together. We unfortunately broke up, went different ways musically, so it was a pleasant surprise when Markus called me out of the blue, asking me, if I was interested in finally getting these tunes (and of course many more) recorded properly. What came out, was this brilliant, brilliant Melodic Metal album with slight Prog influences. It amazes me, how quickly we put this together, especially since Markus is not only one hell of a guitarist, but also a skilled engineer.

01. Dawn Of Time
02. House Of Cards
03. Wings Of An Eagle
04. Canít Take My Soul Away
05. Listen
06. Fleshburn
07. The Healing Echoes
08. Desert Mind
09. Visions And Sins
10. Steam
11. Donít Blame Me
12. Hotel Overload
13. Days Of Darkness And Rain

LMarkus Pfeffer: guitars, bass, keys
Lizard: vox


Markus Kullmann: drums
Thomas Nitschke: keys
Thomas Rieder: percussions
Sabrina Roth: flute
Recorded at Tower Studios, Kaiserslautern and Seegewerk, Mannheim
Engineered by Markus Pfeffer (Instruments) and Steffen Seeger (Vocals)
Mastered by Markus Teske at Bazement Studios