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2019 - Self Distributed
After Sheldon and I did his first album “Here Comes The Flood” together in 2016, the shredding brewmaster (or brewing shredmaster, if you will) moved up North to Canada to start a new life. Shortly after, he met brilliant Canadian singer PJ Molla, the perfect match for the Euro Metal loving guitar maestro. I’m honoured, that the two later asked me to do some additional parts together with PJ as some some sort of a passing of the torch. All the best, brothers!

Please support the guys by downloading the album from their Bandcamp page!

01 In Principium
02 Seven Wonders
03 Waves Of Destiny
04 Day After Day
05 So Far Away
06 Under The Spell
07 Never Surrender
08 Game Of Life
09 Changes
10 I Wanna Know
11 Now And Forever
12 New Dawn

Sheldon Scrivner: guitars, keys
PJ Molla: vocals
Mark Duran: drums
Dennis Ward: bass (on 02 & 03)
Adam Armstrong: bass (on 08)
Lizard: vox (on 06 & 08)
Mixed by Sheldon Scrivner, mastered by Dennis Ward
My vocals as usual recorded and engineered by Steffen Seeger