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2021 - Metalopolis
I get songs, demos and clips sent by bands all the time. To be honest, most of them, I don’t even listen to. It’s a question, of how they contact me. You know some guys add me as friend and instantly send a “like”-request for their band on Facebook. I don’t even know them, how can I like them? Some just send a YouTube link, without even going so far as simply saying “hello”. These guys were different. Lead vocalist Alexander Blochmann contacted me on Facebook, sent a short, but nice message, kindly asking if I had the time to listen to some of their songs. I did! It it is one of those rare occasions, when you hear something, instantly know, how you could give it, what it needs to be, what it has to be. I asked my good friend Rolf Munkes about it, and he felt exactly the same about these dirty Rock’n’Rollers from Germany . EL PISTOLERO have this authentic MOTÖRHEAD/ROSE TATTOO kind of attitude and sound to it, which is hard to find these days.
Long story short, I added some backings to it, got Rolf to mix the album and asked Metalopolis Records to release the album.

01. Sticky Fingers
02. Desert Road
03. Stormbringer
04. Fear The Reaper
05. Seeds
06. Machine Gun Preacher
07. El Pistolero
08. Down Under
09. Still Riding
10. Five Bullets
11. Liquour And Titz
12. Painkillerz
LAlex Blochmann – vocals
J.C. Mueller – guitar
Chris Kaczynski – guitar
Andy Hornef – drums
Willy Krug – bass

Lizard – backings vocals

Mixed & Mastered by Rolf Munkes