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El Puerto / 2023
Every once in a while, I get asked to work on a record, for which at first, I have no idea, what to expect, but then turns out to be stunningly exceptional. This is such an album. DISPYRIA is the brainchild of guitarist Juergen Walzer (ex-SUPERIOR), a multiple album spanning horror/fantasy epos, which also features audio books, comics eg., this is huge! Juergen asked me to record two songs for album #3 in the series "The Story Of Marion Dust", which also features the amazing talents of Zak Stevens (SAVATAGE/TRANS SIBIRIAN ORCHESTRA) for the majority of the songs and PRIMAL FEARs vocal master Ralf Scheepers. Juergen also asked me to shoot of video with him, for which he put me in full theatre like make up (actually, I think, I look like The Pinhead of Hellraiser). This album is a Power Metal masterpiece, and if you're into SAVATAGE type of epicness, look no further!

01. A Girl Called Marion
02. The Mark
03. Blue Mirror
04. Eternal Eye
05. The Resistance
06. Fire Child
07. Pandoras Box
08. The Curse
Juergen Walzer: guitars, keys
Markus Pfeffer: guitar solo
Wolfgang Sing: guitar solo
Zak Stevens: vocals
Ralf Scheepers: vocals
Lizard: vocals