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2021 - Frontiers Records
Album #2, I had the pleasure to work on, with French Prog Metal heads DEVOID. What an album this is! Said it before, will say it again: These guys are masterclass musicians. Everyone involved masters their instrument with such perfection that Im stunned everytime I listen to this album. First one out on legendary Frontiers label, in fact, my first release with them ever. We also managed to have a couple of amazing guest musicians as well, like the amazing Christian Muenzner, Thorsten Koehne ( EDEN S CURSE) and Henrik Danhage (EVERGREY).

01. Lonely Eye Movement
02. Man Without Fear
03. Impostor
04. Destination Heaven
05. Waiting For The Storm
06. In The Absence Of Holiness
07. Mirror Maze
08. Hands Of Salvation
09. Stroboscope Life
10. Martial Hearts
11. Wood And Wind
12. Lonely Eye Movement (acoustic bonus)
13. Mirror Maze ( Japan bonus with different solo)
14. Waiting For The Storm ( Japan bonus with different solo)
Shad Mae: guitars
Gwen Kerjan: guitars
Jorris Guilbaud: keys
Geoffrey Shob Neau: bass
Ben Lesous: drums
Lizard: voc