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Sometimes it just works. When my dear friend Rolf Munkes (EMPIRE / TONY MARTIN) recommended me to sing the first solo album of Swiss drummer Daniel Voegeli, I never ever dreamed of finding myself in another full blown band again. Slowly but surely through the recording and production process, we built up a band, none of the involved ever expected. After Rolf decided, not only to handle the production duties, but also playing all the guitars for the record, things initially took a different turn. It started being more than just another solo album, things took shape. I got in my dear friends Paul Logue (EDEN'S CURSE / LAVALLE) and Holger Seeger (MIDNITE CLUB / IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY), and both of them were hooked on the tracks right away. We came to the point, that this would be more than Daniel's brilliant solo effort, but a real band, with all members firing it up! Musically DEAD END HEROES for all of us is different to what we did before, especially for Paul. Straight forward early 80's Hard Rock, no Metal, no AOR, but everything halfway from MSG to KROKUS!

01. Roadkill
02. Dead End Heroes
03. Cry For The Moon
04. Feed The Flames
05. The Wind Howls Fire
06. Stormfront
07. Hands Off The Wheel
08. And the Loser Is…
09. Technicolor Love
10. The Fire’s Worth The Loneliness
11. Gambler’s Crusade
Rolf Munkes - guitars
Lizard - vox
Paul Logue - bass
Holger Seeger - keys/organ
Daniel Voegeli - drums