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PowerProg Records / 2014
After I had the pleasure to sing on the first album of Polish Shredmeister Boguslaw Balcerak, I was delighted to also be involved in his second output "Gates Of Valhalla". I did three tracks this time. Personally, I think, this one is even stronger than "Blood Of The Prophets". The tracks are more diverse and yet again, Boguslaw's playing like hell. The man really plays in his own league, nothing far from the well established names in Neo Classical shred. Also singing this time are yet again the great Mark Boals, the ever amazing Göran Edman, both of Malmsteen fame, and Masterplan/At Vance vocalist Rick Altzi!

CRYLORD's new label Powerprog also released the opening track "Passage To The Other Side" as a free download single with my good self smiling on the front cover...
01. Passage To The Other Side
02. Gates Of Valhalla
03. We Came To Rock
04. Mirrored Eyes
05. Judgment Day
06. Lost Again
07. Deadnight Serenade
08. House Of Pain
09. Pompeii
10. War Memorial
Boguslaw Balcerak - Guitars
Lizard - Vocals
Goran Edman - Vocals
Mark Boals - Vocals
Rick Altzi - Vocals
Ricky Wychowaniec - Vocals
Marcin “Kanclerz” Kwasny - Drums
Kamil Wyzinski - Bass
Federico Cordera - Keys